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2 times today the roof-down circle stopped after the "trunk" had popped up (Just before the roof was about to unlock and go down). I stopped the circle the first time closing the "trunk" again. About 10 minutes later I tried for a second time. This time the same thing happend. The "trunk" was open for about 15 sec without anything happening to the roof. The whole time the car was making this sound like some wheels where turning somewhere, but the roof just didn't go down. Then suddenly the roof started going down. When the roof was about 90% down it just stopped (this I figured was a timeout????). When I pushed the button it went all the way down without any problems.

Anyway, I just found this disturbing. Any idea what might cause this? Any of you har the problem?
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Replace the roof sensor switches S1, S2 and S3 this should solve the problem.

MB should fix this problem for free...considering majority of the pre-facelift SLKs have a switch problem...
ByByeAmericanPie - 2/22/2005 7:42 PM

Replace the roof sensor switches S1, S2 and S3 this should solve the problem.
How much would that cost? It has only happend that one time, so I wont take any action unless it happends again.
i believe all the switches needed to resolve this problem should cost appx. $100 USD...

but don't know how much install is...damn labor...[;)]
Had my crank sensor installed. 50 $ parts 400$ labour. FUCKS!
Check the hydraulic fluid level in the trunk ...

The sequence switches are a good place to start checking things out because they have been a known problem, but if the pump is running and nothing happens, maybe you're low on fluid....
See the following posting on m b w o r l d for install instructions:

http://forums.m b w o r l

Remove the spaces to make it work.
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