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Roof Cross bars

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Can you guys help me pick out a simple set of cross bars. I basically only need them to carry lumber, doors, x-mas trees, etc.. I don't need Thule or other top of the line brands per se. I thought it would be easy but I can't tell exactly what parts I need.
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That's the thing the sites don't identify exactly what I need.

Check eBay. I've seem several set that would function for what you want. I'm looking for bars that I can mount a bike rack to, so I'm looking at name brand ones.
Well I didn't receive much help here this time but I plan to receive this set for xmas. I'll report how well they worked some time in Jan/Feb.

Rhino-Rack® - Mercedes M Class 2006-2011 Sportz Series Aero Rail Mount Roof Rack
I hope she gets them for me. I sent her the link the other day. :)

I got the Rhino Rack Aero bars for hauling Kayaks/gear and they work well, hardly notice the change in fuel economy and very little wind noise with the windows up, I can hear when they are down though. Mine are silver.

It took a while to tighten them down by hand with the long allen/hex wrench, I have an extension for my drill to speed things up next time.

Let us know what you find.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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