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Rolling fenders

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I'm getting ready to install my H&Rs tomorrow on the 300CE and I'm worried about outside clearance on the rear. I've already experienced slight scrapping over certain humps. The car is running staggered AMG monos. Front 7.5x17 with 225/45/17 Rear 8.5x17 with 245/40/17 that I think probably came off a C Class AMG. (same style)

How do I go about rolling the fender lip on the rear wheelwells? Special tool? Special technique? I'm asking here because I'm used to the activity of the W126 group. It seems the W124 forum is not very active or responsive. I guess people with 126s are either A) more knowledgeable or B) more willing to help other owners. ;-)
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Do a youtube search and there is plenty there...Make certain you do use a heat gun or the paint will chip/crack = rust.... the 300ce's
As soon as I read "rolling fenders" I immediately pictured someone with a wooden baseball bat wedged between the fender and the tire while the car was slowly driven forward.
LOL...You mean like this ...except he is using a metal pipe!...DO NOT DO THIS...the tire can shoot it out in your face. YouTube - Fender roll
Not so much in making it wider. (That's custom body work and way too expensive.) Only "folding" the edge upward. The lip or edge looks to be about a half inch wide. If it were out of the way, the fenders would clear the tires.

Crude drawing, but hopefully visually explaining "edge"
| ___________
|_/ <–– \
___________ |
| \\//\\//\\// | |
| //\\//\\//\\ | |
| \\//\\//\\// | |
| //\\//\\//\\ | |
| \\//\\//\\// | |
That is pretty same thing...I had my 1/2 inch lip folded in...not widen. Some cars came factory with a slight flare but also have the 1/2 in lip they need to rid of. Drawing works for me.:thumbsup:

I am dying to go..need to make an excuse to run out of family gtg from NY here :(. I think I might be the only chauffeur here.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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