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Roll Bar Construction..??

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I usually stay on the 107 Forum....I have a 450..BUT..I'm thinking about another project that needs a roll bar..and the 500 SL might work. Can someone tell me how the bar is constructed ? Is it rectangular tubing..then padded and it round tube with padding, etc. The project will be purely decoration..thanks...jv...
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I'm not going to use any of the MB mechanism..just the hoop mounted solid for looks. Has anyone seen how they are made ?..
Anyone care to take a guess ??
Thanks..Guess I'll have to buy one and find out for be sure..
Up here in the Ozarks where our farm is, the junkyards are few and far between. Looked thru the biggest last year for '57 Ford parts. Found all kinds of old iron..2 Graham Hollywoods..side by side..One still had Supercharger...A friend bought them..and last fall they shipped to Belgium...
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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