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Rod ends for SBU shifters

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I was wondering if these were standard for something other than Unimogs. Can the plastic inserts be purchased separately?

Anyone already been down this road?

As you can see from the photo mine has departed somewhere in the snow up here. That is the shifter for the crawler gears, clearly some zip ties will make an "ok" temporary fix so I am not in a rush.

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I did talk to Belmetric and have surfed a bit at McMaster...was hoping for the simple solution. Will reach out to MEREX and see what Neil says.
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Well, I ordered from MEREX I will post picks of what I get. It would sure be nice if just the plastic inserts were available.
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They sent the ones in your picture post 31. I should have ordered some left ones...I only got the right hand version.

I will get answers to your questions hopefully in a few days...
An update, I got to this today and have some information for you but not all the information.

Cascade/Super-Crawler linkage rod:
19 Inches long
Rod diameter 12mm
Thread length 22mm
Thread diameter 7.75mm

The rod is hollow almost certainly, I have used a lot of 1/2 solid steel rod in the metal shop, this stuff does not feel like that and it is magnetic. So it must be hollow.

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The rest of the story, I did not pull the working gear selector rod because I only have "right hand" rod ends and did not want to break something and not have parts, I just ordered the left ones from MEREX. As you can see in the pic above I went ahead and replaced the right hand one since mine was really tired anyway.

Since snow season is basically over here for the season, I left the linkage out for now, not going to need the crawler gears anytime soon I think. Will put it back in when parts arrive next week probably.

If you still need me to yank the working gear linkage I can then.

Another option might be Schussler, they have a bunch of MOGs being parted out, when I was there last month I bet I could have grabbed what you need. They must have at least 40 Square Cab MOGs for parts. Super great people! In my opinion in the same league with MEREX...I like both places a LOT!!!!

On the other hand some steel pipe, metric bolts left and right hand (Belmetric) and a TIG welder and you would be set.
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I bet you could with just the right amount of heat and careful persuasion. There is a lip on both side so it is not quite as simple as press in and press out, there is a chance I would ruin one before I got it right.

If I was in a rush I would do what you suggested. Since I am in no hurry I'll just wait on the parts.
I will keep you posted.

To be fair to wengejor , he does not have these in hand. If they simply pressed in and out without the lip thing and risk of breaking I would have been seriously tempted.

Hopefully MEREX does have the left hand ones in stock or can get them...

"Rennsport UNIMOG, very rare and good for infinitesimally small performance gains. " hehehehe that is awesome!!!
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I will of course take pics and post what I get from MEREX.
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I have not forgotten, just waiting on the box from MEREX, I should have asked Neil to take pictures.....

Early next week I should have something to show you guys.
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I should have waited to post, today in the mail were the parts from MEREX, as you can see they are correct. Neil knows his Unimog parts!!!

I am sure all the other solutions posted would work fine, I assume these were on my truck for 38 years before failure. I bet these ones go about as long which is likely longer than me...

I have not installed them yet, but thought this picture might help others. The part number on the left is for the left hand threaded ones, part number on the right is for the right hand threaded ones.
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Anyway the key to this whole thing is Neil at MEREX! I will send him a thanks for getting it right!!
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I finally got them installed, well at least the linkage for the crawler gears, the one that had failed. I packed the rod ends with lithium grease which is supposed to be plastic friendly.

I did discover it takes a "bit" more force to get the new ones on but I now have no play in that shifter, really nice!

I will change the others when I install the hydrostat transmission....hopefully this summer if I can carve the time out.
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Interesting, I went with lithium since it is used on plastic gears but I like what you are saying about the silicon grease, when I do the transmission swap I will use that instead. (I have some I used for the sway bar bushings)

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