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Rod ends for SBU shifters

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I was wondering if these were standard for something other than Unimogs. Can the plastic inserts be purchased separately?

Anyone already been down this road?

As you can see from the photo mine has departed somewhere in the snow up here. That is the shifter for the crawler gears, clearly some zip ties will make an "ok" temporary fix so I am not in a rush.

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When one of mine gave up the ghost, I contacted AV and they ordered new parts for me. However, the replacement parts were different - genuine MB parts - the plastic insert types no longer being available. Not to say you may not be able to get some NOS parts anywhere.
The new parts require some modification to the existing bits - the ball ends having to be removed and coupling nuts/bushes to be made or purchased separately.
Some more info here: SBU reverse lever linkage
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The situation is similar to that of the ALB linkage. I fixed mine some time ago and the ends were from a Japanese car maker - my favorite bearing place sourced them for me and they were pricey at A$120 for the pair - but they are quality pieces.
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