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River crossing

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You have to cross a river?
There is no bridge or ferry, all you need is a tarpaulin and many hands ....... take care you don't pierce the tarpaulin ..... That's how is done in Africa!
Sorry it's not a G-wagen but I will give it a try [;)]


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You can try this at home!

Fill a basin with water.
Take a toy-car (preferably a G-wagen), place a plastic foil or unopen plastic bag on the water surface, carefully place the toy-car on top of the plastic surface, making sure that no water does seep above the foil.
As the foil wraps around the object it will start to float!

Honestly, in a real situation I would rather travel miles to search for a possible river crossing than attempt the tarpauling exercise with a fully loaded vehicle[;)]
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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