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River crossing

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You have to cross a river?
There is no bridge or ferry, all you need is a tarpaulin and many hands ....... take care you don't pierce the tarpaulin ..... That's how is done in Africa!
Sorry it's not a G-wagen but I will give it a try [;)]


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The pix do seem a little misleading.

You'd have to have one LONG tarp in front of the vehicle. The wheels are going to stay on the ground until enough water is displaced to equal the weight of the truck whereupon it starts to float. Until that point, you have to keep driving forward. You can also see from the pix, by the position of the guys holding the tarp in the first picture, that the depth drops off pretty darned quickly in this location. They needed to get the full length of the vehicle into water deeper than the height of the tires (estimating from the 3rd pic) before it would float. This location offered that opportunity, but the location would have to be chosen carefully. And having a village full of heplers around to hold the tarp doesn't hurt either.[:)]

Great picture in your bio area, Bruce. You need to post a larger version!

-Dave G.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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