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Rims on our B's

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class wallpaper # 14 of 60, Front Angle, MY 2009, 800x600

The picture above shows the exact rims I have on my b, Im thinking about changing to aftermarket rims or oem but bigger in size. Is there anything particular I should pay attention to? And did anyone around here experience problems or can provide advices about it? I'm very curious as the stock rims look horrible. Hope you guys can help me out. :)

and finally what's the difference in terms of the tyre thickness when looked from side, not from front or behind. From side view the tires look thinner compared to the oem ones. Why is it like this? CAn anyone explain more about it? I've attached a link to show the thinner type of tyre.

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The tire sidewall height depends on the aspect ratio of the tire. Example: a tire that's 205/60R16 has an aspect ratio of 60... or *about* 60% height of the 205mm width. So a 205/65R16 tire will have a slightly higher sidewall...205 * 0.65 = sidewall height approximately. More info google

LOL - on the stock wheels looking horrible - that depends on your likes. That's like saying a woman with a particular hair color is horrible (unless you're talking purple or something).

Google "plus sizing". Essentially, as you go up in wheel diameter, you'll have to decrease sidewall height (aspect ratio) so that the outside tire diameter remains similar. This will avoid having speedometer errors and other similar issues, and suspension/steering problems. You'll want to make sure the tire/wheel combination doesn't rub on fenders, brake calipers, etc. Also remember that a lot of custom wheels are inferior in terms of weight, design and may bend easier when abused (hit a pothole, etc.), unless you go with a good brand.

Lastly, I already mentioned tire also have an add that shows on the side here on benzworld for tire discount or something.


but the link above is to a U.S. company and they don't have the B's listed, but it's informative.
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Wheels for 2008 Mercedes-Benz B200

edit: click below the picture of a whell "how to view on vehicle" and i'll show you how to view the wheels on the vehicle.
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