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Rims on our B's

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class wallpaper # 14 of 60, Front Angle, MY 2009, 800x600

The picture above shows the exact rims I have on my b, Im thinking about changing to aftermarket rims or oem but bigger in size. Is there anything particular I should pay attention to? And did anyone around here experience problems or can provide advices about it? I'm very curious as the stock rims look horrible. Hope you guys can help me out. :)

and finally what's the difference in terms of the tyre thickness when looked from side, not from front or behind. From side view the tires look thinner compared to the oem ones. Why is it like this? CAn anyone explain more about it? I've attached a link to show the thinner type of tyre.

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Well, horrible is a bit excessive. You can have a look at what you like to install :

To have an idea if the new wheels will fit : Will they

On my B200T I have installed 215/40ZR18 on 8.5" rims. (55 Offset)

My best advice to you, find MB wheels you like there's plenty of choice to made from and try to stay within the 3% of original wheel ratio (Speedo error).

Good luck
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