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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the Mercedes R129 ownership and I have a couple of questions that came up while cleaning my 1999 SL500. I noticed on the right side there is no splash shield that closes off the engine compartment. There is a splash shield on the left side and it seems unusual that Mercedes would leave the right side splash shield off. There is no evidence that there was ever one installed. I checked the parts book and there is a splash shield required for 1997 and back SL500s but 1998-2002 didn't get one. What would be the down side to purchasing the right side splash shield for a 1997 and back SL500 and installing it? It seem like if the area is left open road grime and dirt could get into the engine compartment.

The right side wheel well liner had a somewhat rectangular hole in the liner about half way up from the bottom in the rear. It appears as though it is an "knock" out hole that is used when access to something behind the liner requires accessing. I looked at a 2000 SL500 and there is no hole in the liner however there is an embossed area that appears to be able to be cut out with a razor knife. There is a hole in my liner and it seems like dirt and road grime could get behind the liner if left open. I can purchase a new liner but was wondering if a closure plate is available to close this a hole.

Thanks in advance,


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your correct on the splash shield. was deleted. in fact I believe checking epc it wasn't on my 97 either when I looked. but yes, you can add it, just order the parts, that's what I did. does help with road grime.

don't know about the closure plate.
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