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Right tire pressure?

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Does anybody know whats right tire pressure for sport package tires?
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Does anybody know whats right tire pressure for sport package tires?
Depends on your tolerance for ride comfort vs. treadwear. Higher pressure gives you better cornering and better treadwear, but the ride quality gets downright bone-jarring on 18"s.

Personally, I run 40-42psi all the way around, but ADS makes the ride more tolerable than the stock suspension (when it's working right anyway...which is rare). On my Dad's car with Bilstein HD's 32-36psi is all you can get away with before it starts rattling your fillings out of your teeth. Overall, the Michelin PS's like higher pressures...they wear really quick once you get down into the 30psi's.
Dipending on your age.
If you are talking 18" rims I keep mine at 39 psi.
Higher then that it is not very comfortable, and hard on the suspension
and my back.
Chris's back is muuuuuuuuuuuch younger then mine. :(
I keep mine 39 all around, 39 psi is higher then the factory recommendation.

Maestro, Lynn has the factory psi in his gas cover I think is 33 front 36 rear.
Lynn, please correct me if I am wrong.

But after damaging two tires I keep them there with out problems, so far.


Chris, I would advice you to go down on the psi.
You are going to save money and limp.
You are killing the suspension, this type can't take what you are
I have breaks all the time anyway, no matter what I do, so I figured I may as well get some extra tire life out of the situation :D LOL

My dad's car with the regular suspension is around 36psi, the ride beyond that is unbearable, which is a shame because The PS2's wear very quick in the 30's.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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