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My Right Door Woofer is cutting in and out-

The car has Bose door woofer/tweeter and dash tweeters that dont work
It has a seimens amp (mercedes part number-A 624 545 8132) and a JVC head unit.
Speakers have been crackily at high volumes but speakers were tested not so long ago and you could turn them up as loud as you like without any crackling.
Recently the sound comes and goes in the door woofer and comes back on when I jolt the volume up and then cuts out again.

Things I did to troubleshoot-

1. Plugged my head unit into speakers in a car stereo shop and sound came through both speakers - therefore I think the head unit must be ok.

2. Stripped the right hand door card and removed the woofer and tweeter in the housing - unscrewed the woofer from the housing - put a 9V battery to the +- and it popped out and reversed the polarity and it popped in - therefor the speaker is probably not the problem

3. I removed the Amp and unplugged the left and right sockets from it which made no difference to either side so therefore the amp is not connected at all??? -hence the dash tweeters do not work????..and therefore it is not the source of the problem I think.

4. Having cleaned connections and checked wiring for damage I re-plugged the door Woofer\tweeter and the woofer worked - then it cut out and in again and out - a quick turn up of volume and in again and out again - the car was parked and no movement was happening to dislodge any loose connections perhaps....

I have a sense that the HU is the problem - I will take off the knee panel and trace the cable from the door speakers to the back of the head unit but I'll bet that's not my problem. I'll borrow another head unit and install it in my car - ....or maybe it's the speaker, but it cant be but it can but it cant can it?????????????????
I am aware that bose speakers are 1ohm and the hu is different -4ohms? but the speakers have worked since I have the car three years..I want to fix the speaker so I can get my door card back on and relax and then think about what to do re connecting Amp/dash tweeters and maybe a different HU.
I have the car booked in with a car stereo specialist but I want to fix it myself.

If I haven't bored you to death please respond, thanks,
Kindliest regardations,
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