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1991 w124 300d turbo and 1992 w124 230e RHD
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So, In summer 2015 I unexpectedly became the owner of a gorgeous 1991 Mercedes w124 in Ice Blue with an om603 turbo diesel. It has countless issues, every body panel needs to be replaced and so does the interior, the engine bay is a mess, there are rust holes around the windscreen, all the doors are rusted. I forgot the upside of purchasing this specific car already, but nonetheless, I have it now. I knew that I will remove the engine and transmission at some point too and possibly rebuild the engine, if not then I would just replace all seals and tidy everything up, but for now I decided to tackle the body work.

I have spent some time disassembling it completely until it is just a shell. I removed front and rear glass and sand blasted the frames. This revealed that the front windscreen frame is like an ant's nest and someone tried to repair it with filler... :crying

And just as i thought I was going to send it to a body shop to do numerous rust repairs. My friend from england sent me an auto trader add with a mint condition w124, identical to mine in every way except for the beautiful condition of the body with apsolutely no rust since
england doesn't use salt, at least in London.

At first I brushed it off... but then I started to see the that buying, importing and converting it to LHD (with all the LHD parts being redily available from my one) would be not only cheaper, but easier and less time consuming. And since I live in England 70% of the time I thought it wont be too difficult to go there and buy it. Infact I'll be there in exactly a week's time.

Now... in the hypothetical scenario that I am now in possesion of the car from england, here with my LHD rust bucket of a w124 body, with all the parts, does anyone have any ideas to what could potentially get in the way of the RHD to LHD swap? Besides the wiring loom which I can also use from my one since I may as well swap in my engine (because reasons :thumbsup:).

I am most concerned about the brake booster and master cylinder mainly because the actual sheetmetal sticks out in a hump from the firewall to accommodate the brake booster mounting spot. I would really love to hear what some of you have to say about this whole deal.



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