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Just wanted to post a quick review on the Kenu Airframe car mount since I have purchased one to use in my 2014 S400.

The Company behind this product describes it as "the world’s most portable car mount for smartphones. Just attach Airframe on to any air vent and insert your smartphone. It's that simple. Airframe weighs less than an ounce and makes the perfect companion for everyday use, vacations and business trips."

Kenu Airframe - Kenu

I bought one and suffered at first. Everytime I attach it "Naturally to the Middle Horizontol Vent" and place my phone (be it my blackberry classic or my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge) the vent drops down (cannot bear the weight of the phone.

I have tried it again today an instead attached it to the top vent strip. After placing my phone, all seem well. Except for the fact that it is impossible to remove it one handedly and without a fuss, nor is it easy to place the phone in the holder t start with since you have to use both hands (one to stretch the mount and the other to insert the phone.)

It is quite messy to do both, but once the phone is in it is both good looking and quite convenient to have (close to eye level). Not recommended for those who find it a hassle to place the phone in and take it out, but those who count on their Google Maps more than the Car's built in Navigation will enjoy having it placed there. I chose to place it on one of the middle passenger vents (Picture attached) but you can choose to place it in the one closest to you. I live in the UAE (Temp today reached 43 degrees and we're not in summer yet) so I can't live without the vents closer to me blowing some of that cool air into my face :(.



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Ah yes, I can definitely see how that can be bothersome!

There's got to be an alternative in the works that's better suited than what you've currently got.

I'd say give it some time for other companies to really study the interior to come up with a better solution -- that's not the answer right there!

Keep us posted.
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