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I have no links. Read through all the threads as I posted this info, and most do not follow the links I post. Transmissions a heavy data subjects it is not like changing a hose. You may need to go to your scrap yards/transmission independent parts dealers. Many of those dealers world wide and in the USA have disappeared. I have lost many sources. If you have the dough(Money) to replace your valve body to your 722.3/722.4, you cannot buy it from ANY Mercedes dealer!!!! Mercedes has discontinued many parts.

Mercedes is in the shambles of the result of Tesla as they knocked them off the leading luxury car market, and Miss Corona(Corona Virus) is not helping either, so one has to get creative to fix these old trannies....

You will just have to do some prospecting around the globe. I personally do not want to rebuild any 722.3-722.5 trannies for my self or anyone else, but yet one can rebuild a 60's/70's FORD muscle car/classic car that contains a "C4 Transmission", and parts vendors are ligning-up. On can find C4 parts all day online, or locally all day. The same is for any generation of 4L60 Chevy(GMC) truck transmission

Best of luck,

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