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So heres yet another issue I've been suffering.. I took it in to a couple of places to be read by star system.. Neither diagnosis was able to read machine.

When I am on a straight and in 3rd / 4th and put my foot on throttle.. i notice that the revs go up (as youd expect) but then start to drop off. e.g 3.5k down to 3k.. More frustrating is going up a hill as I seem to loose power so it drops a gear and then gains again so goes to 4th and then looses and goes back down and keeps going up and down.. Then i see the trany light comes on wehn this happens.. it seems not to know what gear it is in.. I then take it on to smaller roads tackling the usual suspects.. trafic lights round abouts etc and Its as if its in sports mode it holds the lower gears so i try to put it into winter mode and STILL the same.. Its eratci gear changing.. Its not limp home mode becasue it get a fair biut of acceleration still. as I said like sports mode..But it doesnt change up at the right time.. It seems to forget when to change..

After leaving it rest for a while its fine and oges back to normal and trany light disapears..

in town driving seems fine its just motorways or faster roads.. speeds > 60mph In fact it will no ,longer go over 75mph where it used to get past that rather quickly..

Another note is that fuel consumtion has dropped dramatically too. 11mpg in town about 18mpg motoways.

Problems occured after second hand box was put in.. Box had only 60k on it..

Note after having th box put in had problems with power and saw smoke coming from underneath.. got garage to check Fluid all was fine.. oil had been dripping onto exhaust.. is this a coinsidence or could box be spiting out oil when getting hot.. . No oil spills anymore..

Note these probs have been going on for a LONG time. I ran out of cash to fill the endless hole and faith in the mechanics around where I am.. Thanks to this site and the neighbours complaining about the rotting cars around the back I'm back on it hoping to get this motor back into shape...

Hope somebody can shed some light on this. Or just sugest thingsz to try...

Thanks in advance

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