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Returning Veteran MB Owner

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Having owned a 1995 S600, I relinquished it when the warranty period was up. Deciding the new S-Klasse was no big deal at the time (2002/3), I bought other vehicles. The new S-Klasse was simply too 'small' when compared to the W140 bodystyle.

Having decided I missed the big bulkiness and smooth & quiet ride of the 'old' S-Klasse, I was interested when I came across a 1999 version of what I had previously owned.

And now I'm back in the fold! Terrific that my old car cover fits, extra 'gear' I had in the 1995 version still works and I'm looking forward to taking this 1999 version to task!

Anybody have a similar experience, reviewing the 'new' S-Klasses versus the W140 bodystyle, and finding the older style wins out?
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Welcome back to Benzworld!

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Thanks for the Welcome!

To whatever extent available, I'd like to trade good tips on maintenance for these beasts to keep them in the best shape possible.

I'm hopeful that M-B keeps inventory of parts for awhile, how have you folks found accessing parts on older cars?
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