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I have some what sucessfully install Voice control in my vehicle. I used a new voice control module for the 2005 SL. It works fine in all applications except two. It thinks my navigation is not installed. When I ask for navigation, it says "navigation not availible". It also will not store names in in the phone book. When I say store name, it says "device not available".

I installed the navigation, MHI phone kit, and voice control at the same time using star bulletins posted on this site. Then I took my vehicle to the local Mercedes dealer to have it programed. After they programed it I was having problems with people hearing me and a drop in signal when I inserted the phone in the cradle.

They reprogramed it, and installed a new microphone. The phone works great, and now I have a compass in my instrument display that did not exist when they first programed it. I like the compass. The navigation works great too, just not with voice control part of it. They could not get the voice control to work completely and said because it is not an option, there is nothing else they can do.

If anyone has installed voice control in a USA SLK 350 and got it to work every command, please post how you did it.

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