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1989 190E 2.6
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I've recently received a 1989 190e. It's been well taken care of, and needless to say, it runs better than many cars half its age. It IS showing its age here and there though, and I'm trying to give it a bit of TLC.

I'm assuming that, once upon a time, the external door handles (and the front grill) used to be black, but now they're at best light gray when they're dry. They don't look so bad when it rains.

Is there any simple way to restore them somewhat? I have a bottle of interior ArmorAll, is it worth giving that a try? Or maybe some other substance?

Thanks for any advice.

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They (handles and grill) were never truly black. Dark grey at best.

The following potions have been used to restore the door handles:

Olive oil/Peanut oil
Peanut butter
Back to Black
Forever Black

The grill is best addressed with a "bumper paint" spray, which has some flex additive in it.

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I use a model paint colored "cast iron".

This color has a little green and white in black and replicates an iron color very well.

This is the shade of gray that looks correct on Mercedes plastic.

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get the 91-93 handles they are for some reason black and not gray like the 87 ones.
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