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Mercedes 220D 1973
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I’m currently helping a friend doing Web site whit information about older Mercedes in general including G models. My part of the job is to assist in gathering information to do a Mercedes data base.
The objective is to have examples of the several models in different colours, whit the different options in the original conditions.

So if same one wants to cooperate can send the information requested to this address:

[email protected]

Requested Information:

You contact

Front Picture
Front/side 45º degrees angle right
Back Picture
Back/side 45º degrees angle Left
Side Picture

Chassis n. º, only need de 8 first n. º, exp. 115 110 12 XXXXXX

Engine n. º, only need de 8 first n. º, exp. 615 912 12 XXXXXX

Construction date

Colour code

Any other information that you believe to be relevant

Thank you all in advance, Vasco Reis
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