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Report of Benz meeting of April 23th.

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Last sunday there was a really cool meeting of benzes from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.
Really cool was when some members of the W201 Club Deutschland joined the scene. Very cool cars amongst them!
Also check out that amazing 2.5-16 with the EVO I bodykit... DROOOL! :D

If you guys are intressted in seeing the pics and video's I took, I posted them all here:

Hope you enjoy!


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Yeah, strangely, I found myself always getting drawn to that particular parking spot... hehe.
The 500E was also very, very impressive. Sporty and powerful, yet distinguished and stylish.
DAN57 said:
Great photos and fantastic turn out. Thanks for sharing. With this many enthusiasts about I am sure the 190E still has many years of life left.
without a doubt!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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