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The last 25,000 miles have been uneventful, with a strange exception. A mouse or some similar critter got far up behind the wheel and chewed through the wires from both fuel gauge sending units. An expensive snack as it took the tech several hours to find the break, and a substantial amount of time to get to it.

I just got a pair of new Firestone Destination LE2 for the rear - they first pair lasted 14 months and 38,000 miles. I could have gone 40,000, maybe, but I was leaving on a long trip and did not want to have to deal with bald tires while on the road. These are far less expensive than the Continental's, last longer, and seem to be at least their equal in performance, comfort, and noise. I do not bother with rotating as I would be in the shop getting it done every few weeks.

I also had some extra service work done. I was due for oil and transmission fluid changes, but had them change out the differential fluid as well. MB says the fluid is "lifetime", but does not specify whether it is my lifetime, the car's, MB's, the differential themselves, or just whose lifetime it is. I figure I am already beyond the "lifetime" MB had in mind.

The GL has held up remarkably well, I think. The paint still looks excellent, the body is as tight as it ever was, the handling and road comfort seems unchanged to me, and all the various bits and pieces still work just fine.

Given the rather long list of repair items I have had, it might be of interest to note that I have never had anything fixed twice. Some of the repairs have now lasted a good deal longer than did the original parts.

Onward to 300,000 somewhere around Christmas, 2018. If I last that long.

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awesome, thanks for the feedback on your car

my 2008 ML320 was awesome and think it had 153,000 miles when i totalled it

i did not have any motor issues, leaks etc with mine

but the swirl motor had been done before i purchased it

it was a very dependable car for me

have put 27,000 miles in 11 months on my new to me 2008 GL320 and have had no big issues
right front strut went out with about 45,000-50,000miles and 3 years from the last replacement - which is totally fine mileage for the part to me
i replaced it with arnott and no more problems

transfer case chain was stretched when purchased but missed in the look over before i bought it
replaced transfer case with a used one and plan to change the fluid often

have done fluid changes and that is pretty much it

cannot think of any other issues in the 11 months i have had it
no leaks etc
very pleased with it
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