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replica Brabus/AMG wheels for E320

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Hi just bought a 2001 silver E320 CDI and it has the weedy looking 16" alloys as standard and I want a set of 6 spoke Brabus alloys (split spokes) or the new 5 spoke (split spoke again) AMG's which are fitted to the new AMG S-Class. Do you know who sells these or do any of you have any for sale? Cheers.
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I'm not sure if you are interested, but I have a set of 4 used Brabus Monoblock V rims with tires for sale.
2 front x 19x8.5 (245/30/19 Nitto)
2 rear x 19x8.5 (245/30/19 Nitto) with half centric spacers.

Both spacers are custom made from a light weight material fitted for 2 rims. Currently spacers are 20mm but can be shaved to a desired width. Looks very good, almost flush with the fender without rubbing. You can see some of the pictures in my gallery. I'm about to put them on eBay but if you are interested please pm me.
Hey bro, I don't know where you're located but if your in southern california, My buddy Dan the rim man has hundred's of sets of new and used mercedes rims. If your interested let me know and I can give you his number.
How about laying the pix on here? I might also be interested. Where are you located?
Here are some pics:


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Nitto NT555's were the absolute werst tires I have ever run on my car. There was no traction and they rode like crap. I would never recommend those tires to anyone.
Well, he really is just selling the wheels and the "crappy tires" happen to be on them, I'd say. The tread looks close to minimal anyway. Great looking wheels, though.
Where are they located? How much?
Supercharged SEC - While I find your statement a bit offensive, I can not disagree. Nittos are not the absolute werst, but by far NOT the best tires. But like DieSilberBenz said, they are mounted and have a bit of thread left to get buy for a few weeks until "good" tires are mounted.

In any case, I'm in the 818 area code in LA, CA. I wanted to get atleast a $1000 for 4 rims, 2 spacers and 4 "crappy" tires.

PM me if you are interested.
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