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Replacing with A/M sunvisors

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Ok, I finally broke my driver's side sunvisor's plastic male retaining tab. I was considering gluing tab, but then decided to replace both sunvisors. My sun visors are deteriorated on the inside. They are puffy and not full and stiff boards.

I just ordered replica sunvisors from Performance Products 4Benz. They come with the plastic tab, but requires the metal arm from original. This is fine, I need to tighten the rods anyway. They are quite loose at the ball and socket. I understand there is a screw under the cover plate that runs across the top of windshield that will tighten the ball.

Has any one done this job, and is it difficult? It doesn't seem to be. The hardest thing to do, as I read, is to remove and re-install the rear view mirror.
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On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being difficult) I would say it was a 1! With a bit of fiddling you can get away without having to remove the rear view mirror.
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