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Replacing turn signal lever

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My first attempt at posting photos. Keeping my fingers crossed. Nothing I’ve read or any video I’ve watched indicated you had a couple of parts to transfer from the old turn signal lever to the new one. In the first photo there is a cover over the wires you can take off and put on your new lever. The second photo concerns me because there are (2) “contacts” on the old lever that looks like they need to go in the two holes on the new lever. I’m not sure how to pop them out. I don’t want to break them. You would have thought the new lever would have come with them installed.


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I replaced the turn signal lever and everything works great. High beams, flash to pass, etc.
I also replaced the light switch. Big difference in how it feels.
With the steering wheel removed it was like working on the passenger side. Plenty of room. :)
Not a bad job overall but I wouldn't want to do it again. LOL
C Cortez, I drilled out the brass rivets. Separated the two halves. Removed the contacts.
Dropped them into the new lever and pushed until they were seated.

Sparking1, I thought about it but decided not to. The CC just doesn’t get the use compared to the turn signal lever. At least I know if I ever have to remove the SW again I’ll know what I’m doing. LOL
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