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'99 c230k
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Ive been going over the posts for about an hour now and don't see the best method to add a stereo jack input to the stock radio of my 99 c230k. I see that putting in the comand unit will give me the aux in which I will do since I want the GPS and TV as well. But Im looking for a good solution until I can get the $$ to do so.

I saw a post about a harness that might work with different head units and some about using the CD changer plugs with a converter in the trunk. Are these possible?

Right now my best option is to use the inline FM modulator which will give me not so great sound until I can put in the Comand unit.

Anyone mounted the new Sirius radio units. I purchased one and am using with an external FM mod. Trying to find a good spot to mount then possibly hooking the power to the rear of the cigarette lighter.

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