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I have some problem with my prop. shaft or some part(s) associated to it. I have'nt taken a good look at it yet. The first problem is a grinding noise while maintaining a speed but disappears as soon as i accelerate. I don't have the problem so much at summer but when it gets cold outside it can be a horrible sound.
The other problem is that when I shift I can hear a thump and the car kind of jerks both while shifting and if I press and depress the gas-pedal, almost like there would be play in the drivetrain.
I suspect the first fault being the center support bearing and the other either a flex disc or the u-joint on the front half of the shaft.
I have some small vibrations sometimes at highway speed but that could be a result of a bad inner steering joint at the driverside (wich I know has play in it).

In the worst case scenario the u-joint is bad and since it is not serviceable I have to change the front half of the prop. shaft that contains the u-joint. In this case I could buy a used prop. shaft assembly with the flex discs and bearing from a scrap yard (don't know if that is the correct term in english since I live in Sweden) and then change some of the smaller parts if they are bad on the other shaft.
My question then is does it matter how I put the new shaft in the car, I understand they are balanced, but does it matter if I buy the whole assembly?
If it does, is there any aligment marks on these shafts?

Of course I have to take a better look at this before jumping to any conclusions but I got curious when I started looking through my haynes manual.

Thanks in advance!
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