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Replacing Steering wheel and shifter

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How easy is to replace the steering wheel?

Can I do it myself?

I am also replacing the Shifter with the wood and leather one, but I have a Keyless Go, so is that fairly staright forward as well?

Any input would be appreciated.

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steering wheel is about $800.00 TO REPLACE WITH air bag reinstalled by certified technician. shift knob comes off pretty easy you can do that yourself. good luck.
Find a steering wheel at Cost is $599 for standard replacement (wood and leather). You need to know your color scheme... mine is Java for example. You'll reuse your center/airbag. Don't even try to replace this yourself. I paid $79 for my mechanic to handle this. I suspect any Euro-performance shop or mechainic has the proper tools and skill. Body shops should be able to do this as well.

The shifter comes off with a trun of the locking ring (chrome at bottom of the knob) using your thumb and forefinger. Pull straight up to remove. Reverse to install.
Thanks everyone. Got it done. Looks sweet. Thanks again.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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