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Just bought a double din DVD player with SD card (for all my MP3s) and tried to fit it in my CLK but having difficulty. Current MB hifi is audio 10 with 6xboot cd changer.
I connected the ISOs OK and I get power on the new unit but nothing fires up. I can connect the new unit in my old cougar and it plays fine but can't in the MB. I can see that in addition to the 2 ISO pluds theres a third but this looks like the CD change so this isn't connected to anything. There's also another L shaped connector at the bottom of the hifi with a red and white light on it but I've left this unconnected.

So why, if I can connect the same 2 ISO connectors as my cougar (which works) doesn't the MB? I've downloaded the wiring diagram from this site which helped.
Do I have to fiddle worund with remappig the wires?

Any help greatfully received
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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