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Replacing blown head gasket in 95 C280

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Of course any head gasket replacement is a total biatch, but just wondering how difficult it is on a C280. I may be buying or trading my 78 300D for one that supposedly has a blown head gasket. The owner doesn't really know for sure if that's the case, he's no mechanic, but he says it blows white smoke like crazy which tells me he's probably right. No oil and coolant mixing and it's taking a little longer to start, probably due to low compression from the bad HG...

Just wondering how tough the replacement is going to be if I decide to get it. I know my way around the engine bay, just have never worked on a W202.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, going to look at it tomorrow.:thumbsup:
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The head gasket job on an M104 isn't the worst in the world. Inline engines are pretty easy to work on. There is a good write-up on the job here:

PeachPartsWiki: Head Gasket Replacement

The thing to worry about with the head gasket job is actually the wiring harnes. If you have one of the brittle harnesses, with the insulation falling apart, you might just wreck the harness when you remove it to do the head gasket job. I think a harness will cost you something like $900, just for the part.

Any 15 year old car you are going to buy is going to have issues, including engine wear. If you're a handy guy with the wrenches, then a head gasket is only going to cost you some minor parts and then your own time. That's not a lot of investment. A wiring harness is a major investment, especially considering that car isnt' worth any more than $4-5K if it was perfect.

My advice would be to have a PPI done by a qualified MB specialist. Find out what other hidden expenses await you (like the lower control arm bushings, for example) and have them try and verify the condition of the wiring harness. If everything else is good, you might be able to pick up a good deal and only have to invest a few hundred dollars plus your time to do the head gasket.
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If for any reason you couldn't fix the head gasket, you could part that car out for way more than $500. If the wiring harness is as new as you say, you could get your money back with that part all by itself.
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