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Replacing blown head gasket in 95 C280

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Of course any head gasket replacement is a total biatch, but just wondering how difficult it is on a C280. I may be buying or trading my 78 300D for one that supposedly has a blown head gasket. The owner doesn't really know for sure if that's the case, he's no mechanic, but he says it blows white smoke like crazy which tells me he's probably right. No oil and coolant mixing and it's taking a little longer to start, probably due to low compression from the bad HG...

Just wondering how tough the replacement is going to be if I decide to get it. I know my way around the engine bay, just have never worked on a W202.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, going to look at it tomorrow.:thumbsup:
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In regards to an engine replacement that's not really an option. And yes, the car is practically free at $500, mint interior and the exterior is really nice too. The wiring harness was replaced immediately after the current owner bought the car.
It has 190k on it but I'm not too worried, I should be able to get $500 worth of driving in right? It's mostly a novelty issue because my W123 is a very similar color combo and I'd like to own the old and new versions of the C class.

Now if I could get him to return my calls now that I'm sure I want it...
If for any reason you couldn't fix the head gasket, you could part that car out for way more than $500. If the wiring harness is as new as you say, you could get your money back with that part all by itself.
That's what I figured, the interior alone would cover the expense. I may be trading my 78 300D for it if I don't just pay cash but we'll see. I have yet to do a compression test on this w202, I know it's going to be low but it's doubtful that it would be on all 6 cylinders unless the head bolts loosened up, the head warped or someone really beat this car to death. If there's excessive wear I'm walking away but if not I'm going for it.

For some reason all my tasteless friends don't like taking my old diesel out to the bar :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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