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Replacing blown head gasket in 95 C280

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Of course any head gasket replacement is a total biatch, but just wondering how difficult it is on a C280. I may be buying or trading my 78 300D for one that supposedly has a blown head gasket. The owner doesn't really know for sure if that's the case, he's no mechanic, but he says it blows white smoke like crazy which tells me he's probably right. No oil and coolant mixing and it's taking a little longer to start, probably due to low compression from the bad HG...

Just wondering how tough the replacement is going to be if I decide to get it. I know my way around the engine bay, just have never worked on a W202.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, going to look at it tomorrow.:thumbsup:
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It may be more cost effective to pull/replace the engine in the long run due to other internal wear. If you are to leave the current engine in you would be looking at or should have the cylinder head re-machined. There are some engine shops that will sell a remanufactured engine with a warranty if your funds permit or there is the bone yard as well.
Pulling the engine as you know requires some handy shop tools, I am not questioning your ability but when your doing something major like the HG you want it done right. Metafly may be able to give some pointers on engine removal if you decide to dive in. Guess it all depends on how much they want and what your willing to spend at this point, you may want to reconsider the purchase and look elsewhere, best of luck.
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