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Replacing a Starter

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I have to admit that I am a gear head and like to do things to my vehicle myself but I am not sure how much of pain replacing the starter on my 300SD will be. I know where it is located but things look a bit tight under there. Have any of you replaced a starter on one of these before and if so, how are there any secrets to a painless install???


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Hi Servord,

I can imagine it is pretty cramped, and slimy back there in general. The CD illustrates a 'clean room' environment and underplays what's really needed I'm sure.

A friend once neglected to first disconnect the battery during a starter replacement. You'd have been amazed with the amount of sparks & smoke that occurred as the main power lead shorted against something down there. Another tech. somehow got his wedding band shorted between the + battery connector & ground, resulting in a really nasty burn. Can be dangerous, a dead short like that.

Having worked in the repair business a bit, I've always preferred to replace a starter when the engine is cold, rather than the other way around HOT!

If I was changing the starter I'd get some Nitrile exam gloves (that fit) before starting the job. Makes the clean up painless anyway...

Good luck, MBL


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hi there,
i is the wrtong engine on the pix, starter sits on the right side, behind turbo. the best way of getting it out after it is loose would be to remove tie rod. it will then slide out "easy". it should not take longer that 1,5 hours.
good luck

I usually replace parts myself, on most of cars in my family but for W126 starter, I had to give up. The mobile mechanic took more than 4 hours to replace it. Watching him rolling himself around on top and bottom of my car, I think $150 bucks worth it.
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