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I am replacing my cracked 3rd tail light. From reading past questions and answers, I have been able to remove the trunk lid liner, remove the old one and get the new one plugged in and at the correct location. Thanks to whomever said to put the top down first... what a tip! My old light seemed to just "be" where it was supposed to be without any screws holding it in place. Do the two upper or two lower metal flange things on the holder (that holds the actual light) somehow fit somewhere on the trunk lid? Or is there a place to bolt the holder with light to the trunk lid? I have managed to make it this far but cannot figure out or find out how to stabilize it once it is at the location it should go. I am a woman so pictures would help greatly since I have no idea what most of the parts are called. I hope someone can help me finish this project. Thank you so much, in advance.
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