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Hi, Luke. First time forum member here, so pardon any forum etiquet gaffes.
The OE P-zero's are going, particularly the rears. Strange pattern, with centers wearing faster, regardless of pressure. I called MBUSA and got the "you 'vill' enchoy" the Pirelli's, because you "haf no ozer choice". Period.
Well, guess what... I'm not particularly impressed with them, and would like your opinion on options, (and any other member who may have an input). I would like either more life with the same grip, or, if I pay the longevity price, I'd like more grip. The P-zero's are O.K., but get real greasy when hot, and I'm surprised at the rise in pressure (35psi cold to 42 psi) when doing serious motoring. I don't do drags and smoke tires for fun, so thats not the problem.
I've looked at Mich. Pilots, Goodyear D-3's and BF Goody KD's, which I have on my race car (purchased from you). The rolling diameters are a little higher than the P-zero's and I'm not sure what that does to the antiskid, ESP computers and all that technical stuff.
Appreciate your comment, and anyone else's who may have a clue.
Thanks, Mike
BTW, do I have to search through the entire forum to look for your reply? Do you e-mail me when you do reply? How does this work?
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