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Replacement gasket q

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Hello All,

This regards my 1989 300SE. I’m looking to replace the gasket at the bottom of the front windshield. It sits in the windshield and the cowl. Mine is cracking all over. However, I can’t seem to find it as a part.

Is it a part? Is there a part number? Or is it simple some generic windshield gasket? I’m which case, how do I order it?

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Saw another post from 2007

Try 126 831 23 98 (not at all sure that's correct). Is it 23 in this diagram

And if that is correct it looks like Ebay in Germany has one for you for 34 euro and shipping I suppose (have google translate this page for you)
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But most of my favorite US parts places don't have it.

Good Luck
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