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Replacement Body Panels

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I'm looking for some fenders and a deck lid for my 1985 W123 300td wagon.

Anyone have any rust free, dent free fenders or know where i can find some cheap! (BESIDES the dealerships of course.)

I also need a deck lid shell to replace the cobbed up one on my wagon. Used or not, just a rust free, and dent free piece of metal. the guts are not needed but if you are selling them with it thats fine.



PS Also, is a W123 300d rear moulding that goes from the rear door to the trunk lid edge, the same as a W123 300td???
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OEM fenders are the same. Aftermarket imitations are lighter gauge steel. I just replaced the aftermarket fenders on my coupe with OEM because the aftermarkets looked like 5h1t. The horizontal crease was not sharp, the crimping was crude and the fit was just not right.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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