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Replacement Body Panels

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I'm looking for some fenders and a deck lid for my 1985 W123 300td wagon.

Anyone have any rust free, dent free fenders or know where i can find some cheap! (BESIDES the dealerships of course.)

I also need a deck lid shell to replace the cobbed up one on my wagon. Used or not, just a rust free, and dent free piece of metal. the guts are not needed but if you are selling them with it thats fine.



PS Also, is a W123 300d rear moulding that goes from the rear door to the trunk lid edge, the same as a W123 300td???
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Removing a fender from a W123 can be tricky business because of the glue. Some come off easy, others do not. A removed used one was located for me at a salvage yard for $65. Does anyone know if the new fenders being sold are of the same weight/thickness as originals?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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