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1999 CLK-320 AMG Black ext./Grey int., rear spoiler fender, Euro headlights.
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I switched out the oem bulbs (i guess) with new h7 super white 55w bulbs. When i try to use the brights the headlight flasher, fuse 22, burns out.

Are there other fuses related to headlights i should check?

i intend to check each fuse, but i also wanted to see if i installed the bulb incorrectly or i am using the wrong h7 bulb for my w208.

when i was installing each bulb i would check to see if it worked, and when i got to the brights i tried them out too. when i was done i went around the block and noticed the blinkers didn't work. but the brights would still turn on except in the passing mode (pulling lever).

the next day nothing worked on the signal lever at all, nothing,

so i checked the fuses found fuse 22 burnt, replaced and noticed when i try the brights the fuse will blow.

i think it is a improper bulb install somewhere, i would like to know if any has had this happen to them and is there other fuses related to lights i need to check.


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2004 CLK 240 Coupe
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Hi - No idea what you have done here. Whats a CLK 320 AMG ffs?

FYI. f22 (10A) protects:

combination switch (S4)
headlamp flashewindshield washer pump
turn signal lamp/control

All other exterior lights are fused in the Light Module, located at the end of the dash - driver's end. Open the door, remove the end panel for access.
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