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Hey guys. I figured this all out a while ago but I thought I would repost it for the unaware.

I want to preface this by saying this is for stock cars only.

I made this post: (has tons of photos and information that you need to order the correct parts so there is no way you will eff this up)

because I was having long crank issues after replacing my sender unit and drilling a hole into my fuel pump assembly to bypass the auxiliary pump.

Well, I fixed the pump mid 2020 and never updated because I was lazy and forgot but today I decided to actually update everyone that my research was not in vain.

I bought both pumps (they were the original manufacturers) on eBay for less than $200. FCPEuro and pretty much every other site wanted close to $1000 for the entire fuel pump system which is STUPID. There were other members who were told they also needed their fuel tanks replaced and they were taken advantage of.

So, if you look at my link above, you will see actual photos and correct part numbers.

If you are the type of person to DIY, this is perfect for you because you only pay for the parts and you fix your car in less than 30 minutes.

If you aren't the type to DIY, I highly suggest you this yourself. This job is ezp lemon squeezy. You don't need special tools. Just basic hand tools but make sure you have sockets that go down to like 4mm cause I know there are some small bolt heads down there. I have never touched the fuel system and I did it myself in less than 20 minutes. If you are in SoCal, I will help you do this for free.

When I was figuring it all out, there was a seller that was charging 500 doll hairs to do exactly what I did. He didn't want to share part numbers either.

So, if you are having fuel pump issues or maybe you just got the car and are refreshing it, use my guide. I can answer any questions.

It's been over a year and half with 0 issues and I repeat, the new fuel pumps were the exact same ones in my stock system.

This should be a crime

Final note: this is for STOCK CARS ONLY!!!
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