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A friend of mine is offering to sell a widescreen W220 Euro version Comand system (for 2004 model and up) to replace the US version that I have in my car. He said it'll play DVD movies and I can even unlock it to reveal hidden menus such as making the DVD player region free etc. ect.

I wonder if replacing the US comand with the Euro version would not wreak havoc with the rest of the car's system. I've heard stories in another forum where a guy replaced the system and succeeded in playing DVD, but the navigation system in the car didn't work anymore.

Has anyone in this forum ever done this successfully with the US model S class?

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Benshaw, you don't give us much to go on concerning your car - especially model year (since you're posting on the W220 forum, we'll assume it's an S-Class.

Unless your car is a 2004 model year or later, you could not retrofit a COMAND for the '04 or later model year. If it is 2004 or later, such substitutions are made. [email protected] does them, but only with units he sells. A lot of COMAND information is posted at Mercedes Electronics upgrades, installation and retrofits. One contributor, Sunman, does them as well. Suggest a search on his screen name.
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