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Replace entire center console and AC controls

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I have a 300 SL from 1989. I am starting to prepare a complete overhaul of my car's interior, which ideally would include swapping my current center console.

I have the manual version with "dual zones" (1st picture below), and would prefer (for several reasons) the "advanced" automatic control unit (2nd picture after).

I understand how this will be an expensive and laborious project. :)

At this point I am focus on identifying the main steps and obstacles on swapping the center console and respective commands/buttons, along with the control units behind.

Ideally, I would be first swapping the console and controls, and not install the AC unit (just running it on manual). I am counting as much as possible on getting used spared parts.

The AC part, meaning getting a AC unit and remaining components, I would like to leave it for a later stage, as I am still looking ideally for an electric unit.

Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated!

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Desired new console:
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I'd probably remove the engine, transmission and diff., disassemble them and rebuild them first, then work on the AC control conversion...that is, do the easy stuff first :D

Actually the only thing of value I might add is this picture of the control box on my 1989 sl560 and a picture showing that the wood mounting lugs of an aftermarket wood panel were wrong, compared to the original.

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