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Replace belts after 100k

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My 99 ML320 has almost 100k on it. Should I replace all of my belts?
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There's one belt that does everything, and it's made of rubber...

'nuf said?

Okay, so I'm being sarcastic - I bought a belt 20,000 miles ago and it's still in my garage! I consider things like this preventative maintenance, even if I don't practice what I preach.

You might want to consider changing the tensioner too. My 1999 ML 320 had the belt tensioner fail last year. Vehicle had about 100K miles on it when it failed. With these cars with one belt when the tensioner fails your stranded. You can not just change the belt and re-tension manually like you could on older cars.

Are you talking about MultiRib Belt(drive belt) tensioner ? OR the timing chain tensioner?

By any chance, do you know the part number for
the drive belt tensioner (for a '98 ML320) ?

http://Are you talking about MultiRib Belt(drive belt) tensioner ?
Yes. Part # for my 1999 is 112-200-09-70

Read threads in link below.
Good to know this stuff. I'll have to take a peak at mine and see how it's holding up to all the water I put it through. LOL
You might want to change the fan clutch - belt and belt tensioner - upper and lower rad hoses .

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