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Replace '95 rear-view mirror with '98?

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Hi all,

My '95 rear-view mirror case finally disintegrated to the point where even glue wouldn't put humpty-dumpty back together again, so I ventured out to ebay and found a replacement from a 1998 SL. Trouble is - my 1995 has two plugs - I think one is for the auto-dim, and the other is for the motor to adjust the mirror.

The 1998 has only one plug - and it appears that it is for the auto-dim and the garage door remote.

I'm thinking about opening up the 1998 and seeing if I can put the 1995 'guts' into it - but also preserve the garage door remote wiring.

I've pulled up the schematics from my star service manual - for both the 1995 and the 1998, and I do have a basic working knowledge of electronics, but wondered if anyone has tackled anything like this before. Specifically, taking the garage door report wiring and tying that into the existing 1995 plugs.

Any thoughts?
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I have a 93 with the same mirror, as well as a Homelink mirror also. I'll be watching ! :grin
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