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replace 5 speed Racing gear to automatic ???

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hi all ....

i have 1988 e190 2.3 16 v with 5 speed racing gear .., what will happen if i replace the manule transsmission to automatic transsmision ??????

please help .
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i want to replace the transsmision because my engien is a little noisy , for example when i drive my car around 100 Km/h the RPM is 3500 rpm and some guys told me it is because of RACING gear ..... i dnt know !!!!
your engine is 'a little noisy' because you have a Cosworth-engineered 16v cylinder head.
Auto Trans or Manual, it makes no difference. this is a performance car, developed to rival BMW's M3 and as such its high-revving twin-cam engine can't really be compared to the other 190's, 2.6 included.

new engine mounts and a thorough inspection of your exhaust system could help quieten her down a little, but maybe you should sell the car to somebody who's after a 16v and buy a 2.6 Auto.

btw, my Auto 190E will often reach 5700rpm in 3rd before shifting up to 4th if i push it hard enough...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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