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I have recently published a book on the repair and calibration of Bosch mechanical fuel injection pumps. My book is aimed at DIY owners and sets out step-by-step instructions on how to completely dismantle and rebuild the pumps and how to set up and calibrate the fuel flow settings from scratch including building a home flow bench for testing.

My book was written for owners of early Porsche 911 cars and is based on the PED 6KL pumps. However, as the PED pumps are similar in most respects to the PES pumps used by Mercedes this may well be of interest to 250, 280 and 300 SL and SE owners with PES 6KL pumps or 600 owners with PES 8K pumps.

The book has been subject to peer review and has been well received by Porsche owners and experts all over the world. There have also been reviews of my book on line and in Classic Porsche and Total 911 magazines.

Full details of my book can be seen on my web site including extracts and testimonies from customers.

If this is of interest please take a look at: WELCOME - The Home of the DIY Step-by-Step Porsche 911 Guide

Thanks, Michael J Burgess
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