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1976 450 SLC
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First of all Merry Christmas to all from Australia!!

If like me you have been having trouble getting a resonable water supply out of your windscreen and headlight washer pumps, it might be worth while pulling the pump portion of the small plastic bodied electric VDO pump apart and cleaning the brass pump gears and chamber.
I used steel wool and fine emery paper to clean them up. It is a relatively easy job and from the photos below you can see the various compoents so it should be relatively self-explanatory. from memory the 4 screws where an odd size. 5,5mm from memory. The most difficult part was removing and installing the two pumps on the radiator support, where they are mounted vertically, with the two angled brackets overlapping and secured by two small bolts.

I realise that the new pumps arn't particulary expensive to replace. But if you would rather repair it yourself, or like me, have had trouble sourcing OE pumps with the two circular pin type electrical connections, then you may be inclined to have a crack at it yourself.
Hope the phots help.

Cheers. :) :)
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