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I have a 1999 E430 Sport. It's time to replace the tires, and I've been comparison shopping for the best combined deal on tires/mounting & balancing/alignment.

A friend of mine who is a Mercedes dealership mechanic says that to re-align my car, the "repair bolts" have to be replaced on both sides. A little internet research on this site suggests this is to adjust camber/caster? At any rate, the bottom line to me is about $195 from the dealership.

ON THE OTHER HAND, my local tire shop [who have always treated me well] says they can realign my car for about half of what the dealership quote is. They assured me that they could align any kind of car, including mine. They gave me that quote before I knew about the "repair bolt" issue. Now I am unsure who to choose.

Can a non-dealership repair facility do a proper alignment on my car? Or is this a job that absolutely, positively MUST be performed by a MB dealership and nobody else? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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