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The SLK55's engine cover is made in 2 plastic pieces which, I suspect, will eventually become brittle from the heat of the engine. I'd bet that unless the spring fasteners that hold the covers in place are adjusted to be less tight, the attachment points for these fasteners will break.

The front cover exposes some vacuum lines, air regulator valves and what appears to be the cruise control unit. The rear cover contains the intake air filters for the engine and must be removed to replace the filters and to access the ignition coils, valve covers and intake manifold.

First grab the front of the front cover and gently lift it up about an inch to unclip the front clip #1. Then look under the cover to try to locate the 2 clips #2 and #3 at the rear of the front cover that insert into the slots in the rear cover. You'll need to pry the rear of the front cover up one at a time with a wide bladed screwdriver next to the clips. Protect the rear cover from scratches and be patient with this critical step -- it would be possible to crack the front cover.

These clips were very tight and after the cover was removed, I squeezed the spring clips slightly with pliers so that they would release more easily. I used some liquid paper to put a small mark on the back edge of the front cover so I will know where these clips are located.

(BTW -- Liquid Paper is excellent for marking everything like tools and parts and pieces of your auto during disassembly and assembly.)

After these 2 clips are released, slide the front cover forward toward the front of the engine to release clips #4 and #5. Stop and smell the roses.

I found it easiest to remove the rear cover along with the air inlet ducts. Release the front of the air inlet ducts using 2 large screwdrivers -- one to push down on the latching projection in the slot and the other to pry off the horn. You'll need to move aside the small coolant hose.

The rear cover is held in place with 4 large clips that snap over some rubber cones. These were very tight and care should be used when lifting the rear cover, one corner at a time -- see photos for location. I spread the spring clips slightly so they would be easier to remove next time.

Once the rear cover is removed, you might as well use a T20 Torx driver to remove the air filter covers, replace the filters if necessary and vacuum the debris from the air boxes.

Hope this helps.
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